Top-quality satellite dish repairs

Experiencing difficulties with your satellite dish? Contact the experts at RS Aerials for quick, efficient and affordable satellite dish repairs.

Common satellite dish repairs we undertake include:

  • Improper alignment: Periods of heavy wind and rain can move a satellite dish and put it out of alignment. This could lead to you losing your TV signal or your signal becoming inconsistent.
  • Damaged or eroded cables: If your cables connecting the satellite dish to your property have been damaged or eroded over time, we can repair or replace the cabling restoring the satellite dish to working order.
  • Blocked signal: The reasons for the blockage could be anything from an object to a tree or a building. In situations like these, we change the positioning of the satellite dish to bypass the blockage.


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Thorough diagnostics

Before issuing you a quote for the satellite dish repairs, we’ll run detailed diagnostics and quickly get to the cause of the problem. You can rest assured you won’t need to pay extra to benefit from the high standard of service we deliver, as our prices are highly competitive. For further enquiries, call us today on 01323 891 642 or 07803 087 175. We serve customers in and around the Seaford area.

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